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2020-2021 Conference & Networking Events

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Virtual Conferences $2,999 per event (retail)

Virtual Conferences 

June 30th, 2020 Virtual Conference

                                                                  August 26th, 2020 Virtual Conference

October 28th, 2020 Virtual Conference

December 15th, 2020 Virtual Conference

                                                               February 25th, 2021 Virtual Conference

April 21st, 2021 Virtual Conference

June 30th, 2021 Virtual Conference

                                                                  August 25th, 2021 Virtual Conference 

October 27th, 2021 Virtual Conference

December 15th Virtual Conference

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What Is This Event About?

As an executive who has developed or is in the process of developing an investment thesis(a unique idea or angle based upon your industry experience) you will have interacted with an average of 100-200(and in some cases as many as 600) PE firms before finding one that reciprocates your interest. You may be thinking to yourself, “OK, no problem. I’ll just do a quick search, throw together a list of contacts and blast an outline of my thesis out to 100-200 firms. Surely one of these will respond!” Unfortunately, this just simply isn’t reality in the private equity world.

Throughout the course of a single year, the typical private equity firm will receive an average of 2,500 unsolicited executive resumes. Since a typical firm has approximately fifteen employees and only closes an average of two deals per year, time is a commodity few are able to utilize. In other words, you will rarely, if ever, receive a response let alone secure an introductory phone meeting. 

As an executive member within BlackmoreConnects™ - The Association for Private Equity, your expertise and industry experience will be leveraged, through participation in our 'Backable Exec' process, databases and outreach tools into the qualified candidates with whom private equity firms desperately want to connect. 

A stellar resume is not an angle in and of itself. Private Equity already knows that you're a fully capable executive with a track record of success -- this is a given. A resume will, however, be noticed based upon a unique angle or idea(investment thesis). This is exactly why each of our new members are immediately assigned to one of our deal partners who support them in the development and refinement of an investment thesis.

Private Equity wants to get to know you on a personal level, your character, as equally as they want to understand your unique angle. which is why we maintain the bandwidth to do what 99% of lower-middle market firms cannot: the time-intensive and exhaustive due diligence necessary to identify the most relevant, desirable and qualified executive leads who have actionable investment theses and assemble them into an environment where they have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with Private Equity representatives.

This event is the only choice when it comes to Executive-Private Equity networking when the objective is to secure a role within a Private Equity-owned company or funding for an investment idea. No one makes connecting easier, more efficient, and rewarding. The ROI to participate in this event will save you tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours!

You will have personal access to Private Equity Firms with experience in a range of industries:


Why should I attend your conference?

Our method is the most efficient way to market yourself to PE. Attending just one of our events will save you over $20,000 that would have otherwise been spent on travel/expenses and countless hours that would have been spent scheduling meetings with individual firms. Because PE wants to meet executives in person, we bring the PE representatives to meet you. This event is designed specifically to save you time and money. 

Who are the conference and networking events geared towards?

Executives with P&L experience of $50M and above who are interested in meeting PE decision-makers and securing a PE role. 

What do I need to have done in order to be prepared for your conference?

We will prepare you via one-on-one phone coaching, templates and webinars. We have a “Roadmap To Success” program process. The result is a deal thesis designed to get the attention of PE firms. A final version will be due 5 days before the event. Preparation is also provided through live coaching webinars. 

What is the cost to attend?

The investment for each event is $3,999. For added value, consider the BronzePlus+ membership. 

What is your efficacy in getting executives placed in a private equity role?

If you are wanting to be ‘placed’ in a role, then you are definitely not ready to venture into the private equity world. We do not ‘place’ executives. We work alongside executives to develop a unique idea or angle and leverage their experience, to monetize their background, and secure funding from a sponsor and/or a private equity role. Your thesis is your calling card.

What other PE conferences would you recommend and what are the associated costs?

- Buyouts(PartnerConnect) – $2,999;

- ACG – $999 – $3,000 + annual membership;

- AMAA – $1,500 – $2,000 x 2 per year;

- iGlobal – $1,600

Where are the events held?

All of our events are held in Chicago, IL at the East Bank Club.

How many of my executive peers can attend?

The maximum number of executives allowed at our events is 30. Our deal and talent division reviews over 900 executive resumes each quarter and conducts hundreds of calls to ensure that we have the most qualified executives at our conferences. 

How many private equity firms will I have access to if I attend?

You will have the opportunity to meet, one-on-one with 6-12 private equity decision makers. This depends on the number of PE firms in attendance and how many schedule you during the networking session. 

How often do these events occur?

Our events take place six times per year.

But what if I don’t have an idea or deal thesis when I become registering for the conference?

You do not need a deal thesis or idea when you are applying for either our Gold or Bronze membership. When you sign up for our service, you will be matched with one of our deal partners to help you create your deal thesis or idea. 

When can I get the best investment deal on the conferences?

BronzePlus+ members get their first conference FREE, and Gold Members have access to 6 events for FREE.  

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